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Pat Green, Holdin' On Tabs

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Country Tabs > Green Pat Tabs > Holdin' On

Artist/Band: Green Pat Tabs
Song: Holdin' On Tab

C (2) G (2) 4x

Verse 1:
C                G
Cigarettes and a lighter,
C                     G
Lonely woman swinging door,
C                  G
Broken pieces of a broken love affair,
  C                         D
I guess we've seen all that before.
C                         G
Tonight she stares to the darkness,
C                      G
Welcomes it back home again.
C                              G  
She'll cry every night til the day that she dies
   Am                  C      D         G
If she don't find out how to let love in.

Chorus 1:
C          D        G
I need somebody to save me,
C         D             G
I need to learn how to fly.
  C            D               G
A walk on the clouds with the angels,
C               D     G
Laugh when the devil cries.
C            D       G  
I've got to take my chances,
C         D         G                C           D
Spend my nights in wild romances and hold on to what's
Am      D     G  
Holdin' on to me.

Repeat 1/2 Intro

Verse 2:
C                     G
Now doesn't this all seem familiar,
     C                     G
You said I took the words from your mouth.
C                    G
Maybe if we sit and talk for awhile, 
C                         D
We just might work it all out.
         C                   G
And the hardest thing about leavin' is 
C                           G
Knowing when a friend is a friend.
  C                       G
A couple more drinks and I'll be on my way,
Am                  C            D    G    
Sleeping and down, safe in your arms again.

Repeat Chorus

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