Artist: Pat Green | Song: Carry On (correct Intro)

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Pat Green, Carry On (correct Intro) Tabs

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Artist/Band: Green Pat Tabs
Song: Carry On (correct Intro) Tab

Carry On (Intro)
Pat Green

This is an easy intro to play, but you have to tune the 
guitar down to dropped "D" tuning to do it correctly (for
those who don't know, dropped D is when you tune the lowest 
string (the low E) down to a "D" and leave the other 
strings alone, so instead of an "E" chord sounding good 
with all six strings played, now a "D" chord sounds right 
with all six strings played.  Anyways, here's the song:

    D                                 G 

Also, during the song, since you are tuned to dropped D, 
you have to do some things different in the chords..."A"
and "D" should pretty much stay the same, but during a "G" 
chord, you don't need to play the bottom string at all, as 
the tuning is off and trying to compensate for that is just 
rediculously hard (i.e., playing a "G" chord plus sliding 
your finger up to 5 on the bottom string instead of the 
normal 3), so I just palm mute or avoid the bottom string 
and just play the top five there.  Also, one more thing, on 
Em, you can compensate there by adding a finger to 2 on the 
bottom string to make up for the lower tuning (i.e. in a 
regular, standard guitar tuning, an Em is played "022000", 
whereas in a dropped D tuning, it would be "222000"...kind 
of like an "A" chord but moved up two strings, lol.  Okay, 
I'm done now, lol.

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