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Vern Gosdin, Praying Tabs

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Country Tabs > Gosdin Vern Tabs > Praying

Artist/Band: Gosdin Vern Tabs
Song: Praying Tab

Recorded by Vern Gosdin

(Chorus 1)
They were (A)prayin', prayin' for someone like (D)me

(Verse 1)
(D)Not long ago, I was (G)thinkin' of (D)home
And (A)I wondered if Mama was there all a-(D)lone
I thought I'd drop by, as (G)I had be-(D)fore
But the (A)sound from within made me stop at the (D)door

(Chorus 2)
She was (D)prayin', a sound that the world seldom (A)hears
Prayin' her words were pleading and (D) clear

(Bridge 1)
The (G)sound of her voice, (D)as she spoke my name
(G)Brought tears to my eyes, my (D)heart filled with (A)shame

(Chorus 3)
She was (A)prayin', prayin' for someone like (D)me

Inst.:  | (A) | (A) | (A) | (A) | (A) | (A) | (D) | (D)

(Verse 2)
(D)Walkin' one night, I (G)felt so a-(D)lone
My (A)heart was so heavy from the trouble I've (D)known
(D)I hadn't noticed, a (G)church that was (D)near
(A)'Til the sound from within seem to fill the (D)air

(Chorus 4)
They were (D)prayin', a sound that the world seldom (A)hears
Prayin', the children that God loves so (D) dear (Em) (F#m)

(Bridge 2)
Out-(G)side in the darkness, (D)I could not see
(G)But I could picture them (D)down on their (A)knees

(Chorus 5)
(A)Prayin', prayin' for someone like (D)me

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