Artist: Vince Gill | Song: Next Big Thing

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Vince Gill, Next Big Thing Tabs

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Country Tabs > Gill Vince Tabs > Next Big Thing

Artist/Band: Gill Vince Tabs
Song: Next Big Thing Tab

Intro:  D

Things are changing in the modern world
It makes it kinda crazy for a boy and girl
An awful lot of noise on the radio
    C           G         F            D
It really don't rock, it really don't roll

Well a kid'll come along make the young girls swoon
They all put his picture in their pink bedrooms 
All hail the brand new king
 C           G             F          D
Everybody's waitin for the next big thing

G            A       D
Big cigars, diamond rings
G                       A    D
Riding all around in a limousine
          A                           D              G
When you finally hit the top man you know what that means
Everybody's ready for the next big thing

For a little while you can do no wrong
But live it up son cause it don't last long
There's always somebody waitin in the wings
 C               G           F         D
Thinkin they're gonna be the next big thing


Instrumental:  D       D-E-F-F#  D

            G                A          D
I'll get a cowboy hat, some real tight jeans
G                           A            D
Lose a little weight get a belly button ring
A                        D      G
Better stand back I'm a lean machine
Maybe I'm gonna be the next big thing


Everybody's ready for the next big thing

Outro: D       D-E-F-F#    D  (repeats)

For this walkup progression, D-E-F-F# use A form power chords:

   D  E  F   F#
E  X  X  X   X
B  X  X  X   X
G  7  9  10  11
D  7  9  10  11
A  5  7  8   9
E  X  X  X   X


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