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Allan Gary, Smoke Rings In The Dark 2 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Gary Allan Tabs
Song: Smoke Rings In The Dark 2 Tab

I won't make you tell me
what I've come to understand
          Em            G
you're a certain kind a woman
       D                  A
I'm a different kind of man,
I tried to make you love me
you tried to find the spark
       Em                      G
of the flame that burned but somehow
           D                   B#m
turned to smoke rings in the dark.
The loneliness within me
takes a heavy toll
          Em               G
'cause it burns as slow as whiskey
            D             A
through an empty aching soul,
and the night is like a dagger
long and cold and sharp
         Em                 G
as I sit here on the front steps
        D                   B#m
blowing smoke rings in the dark.

          B#m/G   D                A
{Chorus}     I      know I must be going
B#m/G                    D/A
'cause    loves already    gone,
    Em                  G
and all I'm taking with me
         D            G
are the pieces of my heart
and all I'll leave are 
G                   D
smoke rings in the dark.
The rain falls where it wants to
the wind blow where it will
Em                        G
everything on earth goes somewhere
      D                      A
but I swear we're standing still,
so I'm not gonna wake you
I'll go easy on your heart
         Em                         G
I'll just touch your face and drift away
     D                  B#m
like smoke rings in the dark,

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