Artist: Allan Gary | Song: Alright Guy

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Allan Gary, Alright Guy Tabs

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Country Tabs > Gary Allan Tabs > Alright Guy

Artist/Band: Gary Allan Tabs
Song: Alright Guy Tab

Intro: C  F  C  F C

Well just the other morning, 
	F			C	F C
I was hangin' around in my house
I had that old book with pictures
F					C	F C
of Madonna naked and I was checkin' it out
G	     		        F
Well just then a friend of mine came to the door
G					  F
She said she'd never pegged me for a scumbag before
    G					  F
She said she didn't want to see me no more
	C		G
And I still don't know why


		C		F
I think I'm an alright guy
		C		F C
I think I'm an alright guy
Well I just wanna live until I die
I know I ain't perfect but God knows I try
C			F
Think I'm an alright guy
		C	F C
I think I'm alright

Now maybe I'm dirty
F			C	F C
Sometimes I like to get stoned
Ain't like I'm foolin' with my
F				C	F C
intern while I'm talkin' on the phone
	G			F
Well I know I get wild and I know I get drunk
	G			F
It's not like I got a bunch of bodies in my trunk
G				   F
My old man used to call me a no good punk
	C		G
And I still don't know why

Just the other night
	F				C	F C
the cops pulled me over outside the bar
Well they turned on their lights
	F			C	F C
and they ordered me out my car
G				F
Now I was only kiddin' when I called 'em a couple of dicks
G					F
But still they made me do the stupid human tricks
G						F
Now I'm sittin' in jail with a bunch of dumb hicks
	C		G
And I still don't know why

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