Artist: Steve Fromholz | Song: Dear Darcy

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Steve Fromholz, Dear Darcy Tabs

Steve Fromholz Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Fromholz Steve Tabs > Dear Darcy

Artist/Band: Fromholz Steve Tabs
Song: Dear Darcy Tab

This is a ballad by Steve Fromholz, one of the finest singer/songwriters to 
come out of Austin,Texas. It is about his daughter and was written in the 
early 70's. It is not available on CD's. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as 
I do.

Steve Fromholz

Intro: G    D    C
     G              D                              G        D/F#
Dear Darcy, here's a letter from a guitar,
Em                             A                     C
He told me I should sing his song for you
And I should say it is from him;
He'd like to tell you where he's been.
G                             D                   C
But Daddy says it better when he sings.

          G                            D                       G           
Dear Darcy, how's your mama? Are you happy?
           Em                 A                        C
Can a guitar make a living where you are?
Well, your Daddy's band and me,
We're just playing to be free.
G                              D                    C
But I still miss you listening to my strings.  (Stop)

D                    C                            G
Dear Darcy, can you see the wind blow by?
C                         D               C                 G
Covered up with snow like lookin' in a diamond's eye.
C          D       C                      G                          C
Dear Darcy, can you see the Northern lights?
D                 C                         G
Dear Darcy, it is really mostly night?
Are you all right?



G                                 D                   G            D/F#
There's a letter on the table from a guitar.
  Em                           A                               C
To a little girl who's gone four thousand miles,
And when she opens it she'll see
There's a postscript just from me
 G                          D                     C         (STOP)
With all the love a letter's line can bring.

It'll say Dear Darcy
D                        G
Do you miss me like I miss you?
               Em                A                      C
Are you old enough to know the way I feel?
Am                                    C
Am I man enough to see, how much in you there is of me?
G                          D                            C 
And do you still believe your Daddy's real?

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