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Radney Foster, Sure Feels Right Tabs

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Artist/Band: Foster Radney Tabs
Song: Sure Feels Right Tab

Sure Feels Right
By Radney Foster

        D                        A
Well, I donít know where this is going baby
Itís good, itís easy, itís hard and itís crazy
       Bm                        A            
But it sure feels right, yeah it feels all right
D                             A
Spinning off balance, this is out of control
But itís steady as a rock and it wonít let go
         Bm                        A
Yeah, it sure feels right, hey, it feels all right

      G           A
Every kiss, every touch,
    D             D/C#         D/B       D/A 
Iím not sure that my heart can take this much
  G       A  
I feel so weak, 
   D                D/C#              D/B       D
So strong, itís the wildest ride Iíve ever been on
     Em          A
Itís clear, itís true
     Em          A            
Itís me and itís you

Well the safety valve just got knocked clean off
Weíre running kinda hot, no telling what it costs
But it sure feels right, hey, it feels all right
Love so beautiful it scares you to death
It grabs you and shakes you, it makes a big mess
But it feels all right, hey it sure feels right


Bm                A                       G
Itís a real sweet ride, itís a real slick fit
Itís a dangerous deal

Itís more than I can handle darling
      G               A          D
But I love the way it feels with you


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