Artist: Florida Georgia Line | Song: Never Let Her Go

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Florida Georgia Line, Never Let Her Go Tabs

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Artist/Band: Florida Georgia Line Tabs
Song: Never Let Her Go Tab

Capo 2

It was late July in that photograph
I could see her smile, hear her laugh
Feel our bare feet, in the sand
Holdin' on to each other's hand
Sunlight dancin' off her pretty face
Man, those were the days
Been washed away like our names 
In the sand with the waves

D          G             Bm 
She had my heart at seventeen
             A               D
Now all I've got is her memory
             G                 Bm    
Where she is now, I just don't know
    G                   A             Bm   A  Bm  A
How she got gone when i never let her go

Sometime when the wind is right
I can see us there on a summer night
With a blanket down, lookin' up 
At the starry sky, so in love 
That goodnight kiss never felt so sweet
Didn't know that'd be the last there'd be
But like the leaves, on an autumn tree
When the summer's gone, so was she


I just know she's out there somewhere
Livin life with no regrets
I wish I could say the same for me
But I ain't got there

Chorus 2:
She's had my heart since seventeen
Man I fell so hard, I lost everything
Where she is now, I just don't know
How she got gone


Never let her go

It was late July in that photograph
I could see her smile, hear her laugh

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