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Tyler Farr, Mine Tonight Tabs

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Artist/Band: Farr Tyler Tabs
Song: Mine Tonight Tab

D G D A x2
Bet ya heard Im a bad boy, better not tell yer dad boy
No I cant let you down, paint the town round around boys
I can see it in your eyes girl, you like to get a little wild girl
You dont care what people say, but people think that aint your style girl
(D G A)But I like your style girl,

Chorus G D A Bm
If you were mine tonight
I start right there with that pretty smile
Then I kiss you like
it  was the last kiss of my life
Wouldnt have to drive you home
We could stay right here girl all night long 
(G D A)And I wouldnt have to say goodnight
(G D A)If you were mine tonight

Howd I get ya in my truck girl must be, running on a little luck girl
Miss your ride on a slide, your right, thats whats up girl,
(D G A)Let me tell ya whats up girl
G D A Bm  If you were mine tonight yeah

G D A Bm
If you were mine tonight, light up a fire in your heart,  
G D A (mute)
If you were mine tonight, Youd wake up in my arms
G D A Bm, G D A
If you were mine tonight whoa
If you were mine tonight hey hey
If you were mine,
If you were mine

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