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Tyler Farr, Camouflage Tabs

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Artist/Band: Farr Tyler Tabs
Song: Camouflage Tab

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(G) |(C) | x 2

He was (G)eight years old when his daddy took him out for the (C)first time
They (G)sat beneath that big old tree and watched the (C)sunrise
The (G)deer weren't movin' much that morning but he (C)still thought it was cool
Decked (Am)out in brown and (Bm)gray and green from his (C)hat down to his boots (D)

In his (G)camouflage, (D) feelin' like a man (C)wantin' to be (D)just like his dad
(G)Ready and waitin' (D)with a gun in his (C)hand (D)
(G)Memories (D)they'd cherish forever, the (C)two of them (D)spendin' time together
It's (Am)in his roots, (D) it's what he loves, (C) that (Am)camouflage, (D) it's in his blood

Inst.:  |(G) |(C)

When he was (G)18, a recruiter came to his (C)high school
Said, "When you (G)graduate, son, what you wan-(C)-na do?"
He (G)ran straight home and said, "Dad, I wanna be (C)all that I can be"
(Am)Eight months later, he (Bm)said goodbye, and they (C)shipped him overseas (D)

In his (G)camouflage, (D) feelin' like a man, (C)fightin' for his life (D)and Uncle Sam
(G)Ready and waitin' (D)with a gun in his hand (C) (D)
Seein' (G)things that (D)he'll never forget, thinkin' (C) 'bout his freedom, (D)family, and friends
It's (G)in his roots, (D) it's what he loves, (C) that (Am)camouflage, (G) it's in his blood

Inst,:  |(G)  |(C)(D)| x 2

He (Bm)called his dad just yesterday, (C) with a tear in his eyes
Said, "If (Am)I don't make it home, don't (D)bury me in no suit and tie" ---

Put me in my (G)camouflage (D) lookin' like a man, so (C)everybody knows (D)just who I am
(G)Who I was (D)and where I've been (C)
I've (G)seen things that (D)I'll never forget, I (C)cherish my freedom, (D) family, and friends
It's (G)in my roots, (D) it's what I love, (C) that (Am)camouflage, (D) it's in my blood

|(G)(D)|(C)(D) Oh it's in my |(G)blood, (D) yeah |(C) |

Outro.:  |(G)(D)|(C)(D)|(G)(D)|(C) |(G)(D) --- to fade

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