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Jared Fallon, Your Turn To Cry Tabs

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Artist/Band: Fallon Jared Tabs
Song: Your Turn To Cry Tab


"Your Turn to Cry"
Jared Fallon

There's a letter that she wrote

That I never read

I never had to open it

I knew exactly what it said

I packed up my things

And moved in with a friend

This is how it has to go

Though we swore it would never end


Tonight all my tears ran dry

I know you've been expecting this goodbye

Don't regret, and don't forget the reason why-----

This time it's your turn to cry

I've been trying to move on
Past all the pain
Although she is gone
Her memory remains
If you see her somewhere
Sometime walking alone
Tell her I saved a place for her
In my heart alone

Though by now it's been years

I can't help but to hold on

Guess even when somethin' seems right

Doesn't mean it can't be wrong

I picked up that letter

>From the bottom drawer

Lit up a match

I don't need it anymore

It just says


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