Artist: Jared Fallon | Song: What I Havent Got

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Jared Fallon, What I Havent Got Tabs

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Artist/Band: Fallon Jared Tabs
Song: What I Havent Got Tab


"What I Haven't Got"
G				D
I'm not so sure where I'm goin' she said
C			Am	C
With a suitcase in her hand
G			D
But I swear that when I get there
I'll tell ya where I am
G				D
Funny how she didn't look back again
As she went on her way
G			D
Somewhere hidden in the sunset
C			AM    C
He could almost hear her say

AM				C
Ya know it's been a long time comin'
G			D
This is just what I must do
AM  			C
Don't think that as I'm leavin'
G			D
I'm walkin' away from you
AM			C
I might make it up the mountain
G			D
Or I may stop before the top
AM			C
But I just can't go on livin'
G		D
With all I haven't got

She called him from the airport
She couldn't get on the plane
She told him that she loved him
And he said he felt the same
He could've had her comeback
Soon her dreams she would forget
But he knew that he couldn't do it
Cuz  she couldn't live with that regret
Sometime later he got a phone call
In the middle of the night
Ya see the plan that she had made
Didn't end right----
Now one day he takes a picture
Of that face he can't forget
Takes a step toward the edge
And disapears in the sunset
Ya know it's been a long time comin'
This is what ya gotta do
You know as you were leavin'
I was waiting here for you
Ya mighta made it up that mountain
You didn't stop before the top
Now I just can't go on livin'
With someone I haven't got

No now I just can't go on livin' 
With someone I haven't got

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