Artist: Jared Fallon | Song: Trail Of Tears

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Jared Fallon, Trail Of Tears Tabs

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Artist/Band: Fallon Jared Tabs
Song: Trail Of Tears Tab


Trail of Tears
jared fallon
You realise in life what is important and what is bs every month every
week sometimes every day...hopefully every month.  Sometimes it takes
losing something that makes you realise that it was everything that you
needed for everything else in your life to work right.
Without Lacey I would never have all I have, you make mistakes in life,
and hopefully 98% of the time you learn from them again...I know I
learned something a while back when Lacey and I weren't "together" and
that's you could never replace something that you have in your heart for
something you could only hold in your hand.  I began writing this song
when we were apart, for sometime, and never showed it to anyone at
and nothing went right without her....everything just went the wrong way
right away all the time. I only got to about the point with her hearts
scarred and then wrote some of the chorus before I had to put it away. 
Then Lacey and I got back together and one week when she went on a trip
I pulled it out for some reason, and finished it, just reminding myself
how it could've ended.  I think if you look at the negative side
sometimes that makes you stronger, makes you work harder for what ya
Swore you'd be the tree, and you're word was as strong as wood
C				G
But I guess the winds never blown this hard
Am				Em
You would be in her arms right now if you could
C			G
But you see now her hearts scarred
Em                                    C		        G
You've been stalling callin' bet on the sky fallin 
D			G
Before she'd ever hear another word
Em		   C		    G
But she'd rather hear you say you love her
	C		D	G
Than any advice from a friend she's heard
		D             Em
You read the letters you wrote today
C		D 	G
But you could not send or sign
D		Em		C		Am
And cried outloud as ya sat alone and reread your own line
That said
C		D	G
I hope ya don't take the fall I did
C		G		D	
Cause it's a long way down from where we were
C		D		G
Can't believe I gave up love forever with you
C		G		D
For a meaningless moment with her
BM		A		G
With all the love I have left I'll still love you from here
Em		C
 for years and years
Bm		A	G
And if ya ever wanna find me
Em		G
Follow the trail of tears

Some say he never made it after he told her the truth
he just sat and watched walls
She may have never found out but it was something he had to do
and he didn't take any calls
He lied on that ground just staring at the sky
and wondered how she was right than
He knew he hurt her but he never meant to try
He'd be fine if he could pretend 
she was here again 
whoa no no

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