Artist: Jared Fallon | Song: From Doing That

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Jared Fallon, From Doing That Tabs

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Artist/Band: Fallon Jared Tabs
Song: From Doing That Tab


i wish I knew what to say
when you said I'm sorry
I wish I knew all the words before you left
but my pride just won't forgive
and my memory won't forget
and I'm a long long way from doin' that

funny how I didn't think that I'd miss all this
but it's playing back in my mind the more I start to miss it
I still watch out my window, and look into passing cars
hoping that one of these faces looking back will be yours

and there's not much I remember that I don't regret
she left me with moments not even the sky's could forget
see the wheat still sways when it feels her and I close


I swear I'd forgetten her name and her face
all the words she said in my ear
the memories she left had all but been replaced
for a minute it seemed the sky was clear

I'm not sure why I wouldn't reply
But I know that I had something inside
I guess I thought so long at goodbye
I was hoping you wouldn't want me to reply

cuz everything I do
has been to forget you
and if you needed me I'd be there to 
I made a promise one late night
underneath unsure moonlight
and whoa it seemed that the teardrops dryed

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