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Brett Eldredge, Mean To Me Tabs

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Country Tabs > Eldredge Brett Tabs > Mean To Me

Artist/Band: Eldredge Brett Tabs
Song: Mean To Me Tab

Capo 5  

Intro: G Em C G (2x)  

Verse 1: 
G		  Em	      C          G  
If I could be the reason your hair is a mess  
G		  Em	      C          D  
the bass drum beating way down deep in your chest  
G		  Em	      C          G  
If I could be the voice on your radio   
G		D		G  
then I could be your long ride home  

Verse 2: 
G		  Em	      C          G  
If mine could be the name that changes yours  
G		  Em	      C          D  
The wine in your glass, the swing on your porch  
G		  Em	      C          G  
the dollar in your pocket, and the peaceful in your sleep  
G		D		G  
Then I'd be what you mean to me  

C                       G 
Standing here, watching you, 
Em                                                 D 
Turning every head in this crowded room 
C                        G 
The lights down low, dancing slow 
G                     Em              C             G 
If falling is how you feel and perfect is what you see 
G                                   D         G 
then I'd be what you mean to me

G		  Em	      C          G  
If I could be the fire in your firefly  
G		  Em	      C          D  
the cool in the rain, the spark in your eye  
G		  Em	      C         	 G  
the answer to your prayer, and the faith that sets you free  
G		D		G  
Then Id be what you mean to me  


Em       		C		G  
And oh... all of this talk it makes you laugh  
C		G			D  
but I got to let you know just how I feel  


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