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Bleu Edmondson, Let Me Fall Tabs

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Artist/Band: Edmondson Bleu Tabs
Song: Let Me Fall Tab

Capo 2  
D                   A 
Stumble in from the gray light 
G                  D 
Another morning bedtime 
D                     A 
But I don?t feel like sleepin? 
G                     Bm 
I can?t shake it this time 
D                     A 
It?s been three years runnin? 
G                     D 
And I still watch her sleep 
D                   A 
From the floor of a dark room 
G                     Bm 
An empty bottle at my feet 
Em                     G 
But I'm supposed to be happy 
D                 A 
That?s what I was told 
Em                      G  
Tell me how do you hang on 
With nothin? to hold 
       G                D 
You don?t need a reason 
G                    D 
Can?t say nothin? at all 
G                       Bm      Bm/A 
And if the night cannot hold me 
Let me fall      
I saw my life in a movie 
Some late night show 
And as I drifted off to sleep 
I had nowhere to go 
It used to be easy 
Cause the night was my friend 
But I don?t know where I'm goin? 
And I'm scared of where I?ve been 
But I'm supposed to be happy 
That?s what I was told 
But tell me how do you hold on 
With nothin? to hold 
There?s light on the world now 
And salt in the air 
I scream out the window 
To a world that don?t care 
Chorus x2 

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