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Bleu Edmondson, Last Last Time Tabs

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Country Tabs > Edmondson Bleu Tabs > Last Last Time

Artist/Band: Edmondson Bleu Tabs
Song: Last Last Time Tab

Verse 1: 

empty parking lot half a cigarette 
         B                        A 
i got it off the ground so its a little wet 
           E                  C#m    B                      A 
im on the south side walking sideways i got too drunk again 
now its a cold night kind of late this year 
       B                               A 
plans made the cops are gone and we're out of here 
       E                               C#m 
but i need to catch my breath cause its 3 am 
    B                A 
and i still miss someone 

                    E                        B 
this is the last last time i beg the sun to shine 
              C#m             B 
addicted to a memory and its killing me 
this is the last last time      

Verse 2: 
now i should hide at home cause i cant drive 
            B              A 
everybody's calling me to see if im alive 
                  E                   C#m 
they say they've got a friend that i need to meet 
           B              A 
and she's never heard of you 



Chorus X2 

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