Artist: Bleu Edmondson | Song: Gypsy Wild

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Bleu Edmondson, Gypsy Wild Tabs

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Country Tabs > Edmondson Bleu Tabs > Gypsy Wild

Artist/Band: Edmondson Bleu Tabs
Song: Gypsy Wild Tab

IntroA  E  G  D  E 
A                   E 
Roll with the river, go with the flow 
G                            D 
That?s the way I was taught, all I was supposed to know 
A                      E 
Then the hard rain came and the muddy water flowed 
G             D 
Over the banks out of control 

               A           E 
Runnin' gypsy wild, runnin' free 
Gypsy wild, ain't no stoppin' me 
A                 E 
Gypsy wild, I'm a rebel child 
         F#m    D                   A 
Carryin' on and on, I keep carryin' on      

This ragin' white water suits me fine 
The freedom's sweet like gypsy wine 
I bless the hard rain that came to free my soul 
On my way to the Gulf of Mexico 
Chorus 3 times 

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