Artist: Bleu Edmondson | Song: American Saint

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Bleu Edmondson, American Saint Tabs

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Artist/Band: Edmondson Bleu Tabs
Song: American Saint Tab

American Saint
By Bleu Edmondson

Piano intro

The Concho Valley is on fire tonight, it's spilling out into the streets 
    G                                                       A
The blessed scream of a newborn dream making love in my backseat 
Bm                                          A
All of us together in the glow of the dusty headlights 
Bm                                                          G                A
All the little pretties with the stars in their hair sipping Titos and Crystal Light 

                      D                G                 D                 G 
It's another round of sound checks and train wrecks, the lost boys and the rejects 
              D                                                    A
Fallen angels dancing to the music drifting softly on the Southern wind 
                 D              G                        D                      G    
Talking like the heroes that we wont be, spittin out the game that little Jimmy sold me 
      D                                 Bm                     A
Still fighting for each other though it feels like we'll never win 
         G               D
American Saint, American Saint 

Now Philly Joe lives west of Alice, the hippy prince of the wild 
He got pinched for possession in a real hard land but he never lost his style 
He still works the rigs, 6 months out of the year 
Old Crow fever, a story to tell and a menthol behind his ear 


Now I'm north of Waxahachie 
I'm wondering where I go from here 
The Baptists say that if I don't change 
G                A
I won't see next year 


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