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Steve Earle, Yours Forever Blue Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Yours Forever Blue Tab

Artist: Steve Earle    

Steve Earle - Yours Forever Blue

Intro - A - D - E7 - A

(verse 1)
Since you left me baby I've been true to you,

I don't run around with every gal in town,
        D                               E7
The way I used to do, I'm startin' over new,
Yours forever blue,

(verse 2)
I wrote you a letter and every word was true,
I apologized for all my lies,
     D                                       E7
And the way I treated you, signed it lonely fool,
Yours forever blue,

(A) (D) (E7) (A)

(verse 3)
Lately I've been hurtin' deep inside of me,
My poor heart's broke and every ragged stroke,
Brings back your memory, keeps me wantin you,
Yours forever blue,

(verse 4)
But I don't need no doctor to tell me what to do,
Bout this spell of yours 'cause there ain't no cure,
Even if I wanted to, can't get over you
Yours forever blue,

(lead chords - A - D - E7 - A)

(verse 5)
If you ever want me you know what to do,

Just call my name 'cause I ain't ashamed,
             D                          E7
To crawl on home to you, if you want me to,
Yours forever blue, 

(verse 6)
I'm gonna buy myself a guitar, any kind'll do,

The only song I know play it soft and low,
While I moan the blues for you, 
                 E7                     A
The whole night through, yours forever blue,


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