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Steve Earle, You're Still Standing There Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: You're Still Standing There Tab

You're Still Standing There
(Steve Earle)

C 	    Em      Am  Am7   F        G      C   (G7)
I've spent my life following things I cannot see 
    C         Em      Am    Am7       F     G        C    
And just when I catch up to them, they slip away from me 
C          Em    Am       Am7        F     G       C      
I've been down a thousand trails I've never walked before 
C       Em       Am      Am7        F      G       C
I found out that without fail, they lead me to your door 

 C                         G         C
And the world keep turning round and round 
   Dm7               G      C
It leaves me hanging in the air 
C                      G       C
My heart keeps turning upside down 
     Dm7         G        C
And you're still standin' there 

2nd Verse

C      Em    Am      Am7     F       G       C   (G7)
Lately I see all the signs, I feel it in the wind 
C              Em      Am    Am7      F        G     C
The same thing happens every time that you come back again
 C    Em       Am      Am7         F     G      C
 I admit that there are nights when I sit up and cry
 C            Em     Am      Am7       F           G    
But sometimes I turn out the lights and pray you'll pass me


3rd Verse

C            Em      Am    Am7       F       G       C
Since you're gone my empty arms have nothing left to hold 
C               Em     Am     Am7          F     G
And your memory cannot keep me warm but it never leaves me



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