Artist: Steve Earle | Song: The Kind

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Steve Earle, The Kind Tabs

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Country Tabs > Earle Steve Tabs > The Kind

Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: The Kind Tab

D                      A                 Dmaj7     D
Tell me a story 'bout a fella with a crazy dream
D                          A                  Dmaj7   D
Everybody tells him that it won't amount to any thing
Bm                      F#m  
He fires the shot heard around the world 
G                       D  
He wins the prize and he gets the girl 
D                         A                            Dmaj7    D  
That's the kind of story I like, the kind that makes you  think

D                     A                   Dmaj7    D 
Sing me a song about a cowboy with an achin' heart 
D                        A                    Dmaj7   D 
Ridin' along the lonesome prairie 'bout to fall  apart 
Bm              F#m 
Every time those doggies moan 
G                D
He doesn't feel so all alone 
D                             A                             Dmaj7    D    
That's the kind of song that I like, the kind that breaks your heart 

INSTR: Repeat Chords

D                      A                Dmaj7    D  
Paint me a picture of a girl with a secret smile 
D                  A                            Dmaj7   D       
Lookin' back at ya 'cross the years through ancient eyes 
Bm              F#m 
You're standin' there like an open door 
G                   D 
'Cause she's seen it all before 
D                           A                           Dmaj7   D 
That's the kind of picture I like, the kind that makes you sigh

D A Dmaj7 D 


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