Artist: Steve Earle | Song: Sweet Little '66

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Steve Earle, Sweet Little '66 Tabs

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Country Tabs > Earle Steve Tabs > Sweet Little '66

Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Sweet Little '66 Tab


D                        A           D
Now Iím a pretty big man around this town
G                           D
I got me the hottest little Chevy around
   A             D
My sweet little Ď66
D                                   A               D
She got a yellow front fender and a gray one on the back
G                                   D
But my income tax is cominí and Iím gonna paint her black
A             D
Sweet little Ď66

She got the 396, she got the four on the floor
          D                            A        D
And those stickers in the window ainít just for show
   A             D
My sweet little Ď66

D                                      A D
Now old Bubba and me built her back in Ď79
        G                     D                             
Then he went into the army so now sheís all mine

A             D
Sweet little Ď66
D                                        A             D
I used to run her down on River Road and make a little dough
      G                            D
Canít afford another ticket so Iím layiní kinda low
A          D
Me and my Ď66



D                                       A              D
Now she ainít too good on gasoline, she burns a little oil
            G                       D
But she was built by union labor on American soil
A             D
Sweet little Ď66
D                                    A       D
So when your Subaru is over and your Hondaís history
        G                                    D
Iíll be blastiní down some back road with my baby next to me
      A             D
In my sweet little Ď66


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