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Steve Earle, Now Shes Gone Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Now Shes Gone Tab

Here's what I have worked out for Steve Earle's Now she's gone.
Can anybody help with two novelty songs one is called "Church policy"
and the other is I think called "Stutterin Bum" about a guy who meets a
beautiful girl but it makes him stutter.


Now She's Gone
     (Steve Earle)

     The G and F# are notes not chords, it's like a walk down thing. 

     G C D C G G C C/A G
     walk down
     G F# Em
     Em                      C  
     She was her daddy's little darlin'
        D            G  C  C/A G
     Her mama's only child
     GF#Em                   C
     They didn't understand at all when
     D               G C C/A G
     She took to running wild
     GF#Em                   C
     She left town one day and never said goodbye
     D                       G
     Left a hole in Daddy's lap a tear in mama's eye
     GF#Em                C          G C C/A G
     Where'd we go wrong, now she's gone
     GF#Em                     C
     She met aboy up in Kentucky
     D               G C C/A G
     Charlie was his name
     GF#Em                   C
     Just when he thought he got lucky
     D                          G C C/A G
     She stole his watch and chain
     Em                      C
     She always kept on moving and she never wasted time
     D                               G
     And they say she left quite a string of broken hearts behind
     Em              C     G C C/A G
     Woke up alone, now she's gone
     Em              C
     Me, I wasn't even trying
     D               C        G CC/A G
     You could say I was content
     Em                      C
     She went through my life like lightning 
     D               C G C C/A G
     Blew out the other end
     Em                      C
     I still taste her kisses smell her perfume in the wind
     D               C G C C/A G
     And if I could you now that I would do it all again
     Em                     C G C C/A G
     She done me wrong, Now she's gone

     provided courtesy of   (Paul Moore)

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