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Steve Earle, No. 29 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: No. 29 Tab

(C) I was born and raised here, 
This town's my town
(G) Everybody knows my (C) name
But (C) ever since the glass plant 
Closed down things round
(G) Here ain't ever been the (C) same
Well (F) I got me a good job
Alright, some nights
(C) Take me to a (G) nother (C) time (walk down bass)
(G) Back when I was number twenty (C) nine

I was pretty good then
Don't you know, watch him go
Buddy I could really fly
Everyone in town came
Hip flasks, horn blasts
Any autumn Friday night
Sally yelled her heart out
Push em back, way back
I was hers and she was mine
Back when I was number 29

We were playing Smithville 
Big boys, farm boys
Second down and four to go
Bubba brought the play in
Good call, my ball
Now they're gonna see a show
But Bubba let his man go
I cut back, heard it crack
It still hurts me but I don't mind
Reminds me I was number 29

Now I go to the ballgames, 
Cold nights, half pints
Friday nights I'm always here
We got a pretty good team
Good boys, strong boys
District champs the last 3 years
Got a little tailback
Pretty slick, real quick
I take him for a steak sometimes
Nowadays he's number 29

(F) I don't follow rainbows
Big dreams, brass rings
(C) I've already (G) captured (C) mine (walk down bass)
(G) Back when I was number 2(C)9


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