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Steve Earle, Me And The Eagle Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Me And The Eagle Tab

Me and the Eagle by Steve Earle
(Steve Earle)

INTRO:  D  A  G  D

The eagle looked (D) down on the river below (D)
(D)And he wrapped his wings (A) round him, and he (G) fell like a stone
And the big salmon (D) fought but the (A) talons held (Bm)true (E)
(D)And he shuddered as the (A) world turned from (G) silver to blue (D)

(D)I stood there in awe though Iíd seen it before
I was born in these (A) mountains, And Iíll (G) die here for sure
Iíve travelled (D) around Iíve (A) seen city (Bm) lights (E)
But (D) nothiní that (A) shined like the (G) big sky at (D) night

Some (A) mornings will find me up (D) above the timberline
(G) Lonesome donít seem like much (D) once youíre this high
(D)When itís all said and done I (A) usually (Bm) find (E)
(D) Me and the (A) eagle are (G) of the same (D) mind

Now when I was young I took me a wife
But she never took to the high country life
So now I Ďm alone I donít really mind
But her name echoes down from the canyon sometimes

Rpt. Chorus

In my dreams thereís a horse, He stands eighteen hands high
Heís as white as the snow and thereís fire in his eyes
And heíll bare only me though others have tried
And together weíll travel up across the divide

Rpt. Chorus


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