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Steve Earle, Little Rock 'n Roller Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Little Rock 'n Roller Tab

Little Rock 'N' Roller
By Steve Earle 

E  A   E   A

E                 A                 B            E
Hey little guy, I can't believe you answered the phone 
                 C#m                         A                              E
I guess I didn't know you could do that, God help me, have I been gone that long 
E                   A                B        E
I'm in a truck stop somewhere on the Arkansas line 
                 C#m                       A                             E
They got all the big trucks here, boy, you ought to hear the big diesels whine 
B                                             E
No little guy, your daddy won't be home for a while 
              C#m                      A                       B
It's gonna be another couple weeks and another couple thousand miles 

   E                  A        E 
So go to sleep little rock 'n' roller 
     A                             E 
Your daddy's up there knockin' 'em dead tonight 
B                      A   
One of these days when you're a little older 
F#                           B                    E
You can ride the big bus and everything will be alright 
E                           A       E 
Until that day you got your mama to hold you 
A                        E        
Don't be afraid when she turns out the light 
      A                                E
Cause I know there's an angel just for rock 'n' rollers 
B                          E
Watchin' over you and your daddy tonight   

E                    A           B           E
No little guy, don't bother your mamma right now 
  C#m                     A                        E 
I only got a minute and I called to talk to you anyhow 
E                   A             B              E
I know you miss me, God knows I'm thinkin' 'bout you 
           C#m                      A                               E
I got your picture in my wallet, it cheers me up sometimes when I'm blue 
B                                          E
Well little guy, I'm gonna have to let you go 
              C#m                                A                    B
You know it's way past your bedtime, and they're tellin' me we got to roll



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