Artist: Steve Earle | Song: I Can Wait

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Steve Earle, I Can Wait Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: I Can Wait Tab

Steve Earle  I Can Wait  written by Steve Earle 

A                  F#m
In the blink of an eye 
Stars'll fall from the sky 
E           A
No one even notices 
A                  F#m
If you think it'll help 
I can walk out myself 
E                    A
And we won't have to go through this 
     D                   E
If I pretend to hold you tight 
               A       A/G#      F#m
And out on the highway late some night 
           C#m   E
That's all right 
A                     F#m
If that's all that it takes 
                 C#m    E
Even if my heart breaks 
Darlin' I can wait 
A                 F#m
I have nothin' but time 
And this poor heart of mine 
E               A
Probably could use some rest 
A                         F#m
When the ghosts are all gone 
You can leave your light on 
E                    A
Shinin' through the loneliness 
            D             E
Just like a beacon in the night 
              A   A/G#    F#m
Brighter than any star in sight 
               C#m   E
But that's all right 
A                 F#m
For as long as it takes 
For that mornin' to break 
E       A
Darlin' I can wait 


              D                  E                    
Out where the mountains meet the sky 
           A        A/G#    F#m
Feelin' so lonesome I could cry 
               C#m   E
But that's all right 
A                    F#m
Cause all the signs say 
You'll call me someday 
E       F#m          A   F#m  C#m  E  A
Darlin' I can wait 

From Steve Earle "Transcendental Blues"
E-Squared ecords 2000
Sarangel Music(ASCAP)

Steve Earle     vocals/12 string
David Steele    guitar
Kelley Looney   bass
Will Rigby      drums
Tom Littlefield vocals

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