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Steve Earle, Home To Houston Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Home To Houston Tab

Home to Houston 

Capo on 1st 

(Little Intro)

D                    G          D 
When I pulled out of Basra they all wished me luck 
                      A         D   A
Just like they always did before 
       D           G             D    
With a bulletproof screen on the hood of my truck 
                 A       D
And a Bradley on my back door 
      G         A      D           G
And I wound her up and shifted her down 
                   A            D  A     
And I offered this prayer to my lord 
        D          G            D
I said ďGod get me back home to Houston alive 
                    A        D
and I wonít drive a truck anymoreĒ 
Early in the morniní and Iím rolliní fast 
Hauliní nine thousand gallons of high test gas 
Sergeant on the radio holleriní at me 
E                             A
Look out up ahead here come a R.P.G. 
D         G           D                    
If I ever get home to Houston alive 
                     A        D
Then I wonít drive a truck anymore 

(Just repeat the above chord changes for the rest of the song)

Iíve driven the big rigs for all of my life 
And my radio handleís ďTrainĒ 
Down steep mountain roads on the darkest of nights 
I had ice water in my veins 
And I come over here Ďcause I just didnít care 
Now Iím older and wiser by far 
If I ever get home to Houston alive 
Then I wonít drive a truck anymore 
Great God Aímighty what was wrong with me 
I know the moneyís good but buddy canít you see 
You canít take it with you and that ainít no lie 
E                                    A
I donít wanna let Ďem get me Iím too young to die 
D         G           D
If I ever get home to Houston alive 
                     A        D
Then I wonít drive a truck anymore

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