Artist: Steve Earle | Song: High Fashion Queen

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Steve Earle, High Fashion Queen Tabs

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Country Tabs > Earle Steve Tabs > High Fashion Queen

Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: High Fashion Queen Tab

Steve Earle     High Fashion Queen  written by Chris Hillman
Chris Hillman                                  Gram Parsons

Chris Hillman     vocals/acoustic guitar
Steve Earle       vocals/acoustic guitar
Jophn Jorgenson   guitar
Jay Dee Maness    steel guitar
Lee Sklar         bass
Willie Ornelas    drums
Skip Edwards      piano

E                                  B7
There's a place everyone of us can go to
Maybe you have been there once or twice
Where all your friends just look at you and whisper
    F#                                   B7
And they want to give you nothing but advice
E                                           B7
When you walk in they all know what you're after
And the higher that you get the more they'll see
E                          E7               A
In a dark room filled with music, wine and laughter
E                        B7             E
Your eyes keep searching for her constantly
      A                      E
Is it that one in the corner with her eyes filled with tears
                        C#7        F#                  B7
Or is she the one who's having fun drinking too much beer
E                                 B7
Every night it's the same sad old procedure
The doorman winks at you on your way out
                     E7                    A 
Cause deep inside he knows just what your after
    E                  B7                 E
And he's got something you can't live without


There's nothing new that can be said about dirt
            E               C#7            F#               B7
And there's nothing left inside your heart but the same old hurt
      E                E7                A

Of an old love's fancy life has left you stranded in a dream
          E             B7           E  
Ain't you glad you're a high fashion queen
          B7                         E
Ain't you glad you're a high fashion queen
          B7                         A   E
Ain't you glad you're a high fashion queen

>From "The Return Of The Grievous Angel"
A Tribute To Gram Parsons  
Almo Records 1999
Irving Music


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