Artist: Steve Earle | Song: Good Ol' Boy (gettin' Tuff)

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Steve Earle, Good Ol' Boy (gettin' Tuff) Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Good Ol' Boy (gettin' Tuff) Tab

"Steve Earle"
"Good Ol' Boy"   (Gettin' Tuff)
"Transcribe" sanoma at
(Bb)I got a job but, it ain't nearly enough,
(Bb).A twenty thousand dollar pickup truck.
(Ab)Belongs to me and the bank and some
(E)funny talkin' man from(Bb)Iran.
I left the service got a g.I. loan.
I got married bought myself a home.
Now I hang around this one horse town,
Doin' the best I can.
Gettin' tuff(Bb)(Eb)*single strums*
Just my luck(Bb)(Eb)*single strums*
(Bb)I was born in the land of plenty,
(Bb)now there ai'nt(F)enough.
I been told.
(Eb)Now days it just don't(F)pay to be aGood ol'(Bb)boy.
Ain't goin' nowhere on a one way track,
I cant believe it ain't no turnin' back.
Got the wife and the kids,
What would everbody say?
My brothers standin in a wellfare line
Any minute now it might get mine,
Meanwhile it's the I.R.S.
And the devil to pay.
(repeat 3)
I hit the beer joint every Friday night.
Spend a little money,lose a friday fight.
It don't matter If I lose or win,
Cause monday morning i'm back on the losin end again.
(repeat 3)


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