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Steve Earle, Dont Want To Lose You Yet Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Dont Want To Lose You Yet Tab

I Don't Want To Lose You Yet 
Steve Earle - Transcendental Blues (2000)

G           D                        G       D
Baby it's a cold hard world out there 

G              D                 G        D
Broken hearted people everywhere 

Em              Bm       
Takin' whatever love they get 

C                  D  
I don't wanna wind up like that, so 

G                                 Em
Baby throw your arms around my neck 

Lay your pretty head against my chest 

Listen to one heartbeat then the next 

'Cause baby I don't wanna lose you yet 

Lead Break (G - E - Am - D, one time)

G                       D                   G        D
You know I love you and I know you love me

G                    D                     G        D 
It's everything that love's supposed to be

Em                     Bm       
But I don't wanna look up one day 

C                      D  
And find out we let it slip away 


Lead break (chorus rhythm, one time)

  Em                           G      
I can't tell you nothin' 'bout love I guess 

C                        G
That you don't already know

Em                      Bm 
But girl, when you're in my arms like this 

C                  D 
I don't ever wanna let you go 

G              D                      G        D
Baby maybe I'm wrong but what if I'm right 

G                D                   G        D
And everything's depending on us tonight 

Em                    Bm 
Maybe we'll pass this way again 

C                       D 
But honey I don't wanna wait 'til then 


Lead break (Chorus rhythm, one time)

CHORUS to fade [Oh, I don't want to lose you yet]

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Tony Ammeter                             

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