Artist: Steve Earle | Song: Dixieland

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Steve Earle, Dixieland Tabs

Steve Earle Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Dixieland Tab

This is the mandolin lick plus chords for Dixieland off of the Mountain. I 
figured out this lick about a year ago at Guildtown Bluegrass festival, and saw 
it was requested so i tabbed it out.

The lick is very simplified and i know there is a lot more going on but if 
anyone wants ill do it for banjo too. Or guitar if no-one owns a banjo or 
mandolin. If the actual structure of the tab looks crap then just copy it into 
Word as Courier New and it should re-align.

D	       G	 	  D	 Bm		 A			 D


The chords aren't in exact places, but youll get the idea pretty easily.
D                                                  G
I am Kilrain and I'm a fightin' man and I come from County Clare 
                             D                            Bm
And the Brits would hang me for a Fenian so I took me leave of there 
     D                                            G
And I crossed the ocean in the "Arrianne", the vilest tub afloat 
                           D                               Bm
And the captain's brother was a railroad man and he met us at the boat 
   A                                    G                  A
So I joined up with the 20th Maine like I said my friend I'm a fighting man 
         D           Em            F#m     G     
And we're marchin' south in the pouring rain
      A               D
We're all goin' down to Dixieland 

D					G
I am Kilrain of the 20th Maine and we fight for Chamberlain 
			D			Bm
'Cause he stood right with us when the Johnnies came like a banshee on the wind 
D					G
In the smoke smeared hell of Gettysburg many a mother wept 
			D				Bm
For many a good boy died there, sure, and the air smelt just like death 

A				G		A
I am the Kilrain of the 20th Maine and I marched to hell and back again 
D	Em	F#m	G	A		D		
For Colonel Joshua Chamberlain - we're all goin' down to Dixieland 

D					G
I am the Kilrain of the 20th Maine and I damn all gentlemen 
			D			Bm
Whose only worth is their father's name and the sweat of a workin' man 
D				D			G
Well we come from the farms and the city streets and a hundred foreign lands 
And we spilled our blood in the battle's heat 
Now we're all Americans
A				G			A
I am the Kilrain of the 20th Maine did I tell you friend I'm a fightin' man 
D	Em	F#m	G	A				D
And I'll not be back this way again, 'cause we're all goin' down to Dixieland 

Steve Earle is a genius in all of his works. I love the guy and if anyone needs 
anymore tabs just leave a comment and i'll see what i can do.

Please, support Steve Earle.
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