Artist: Steve Earle | Song: Creepy Jackelope Eye

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Steve Earle, Creepy Jackelope Eye Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Creepy Jackelope Eye Tab

Creepy Jackalope Eye - Steve Earle

Capo 4

   Dm         C    Dm  Am
An elaborate tale
      Dm        C    Dm  Am
So convincingly real 
           Dm       C  
Things can seem so amazing
         Dm     C   
'Til you get up close 
                Dm     C
And see they're no big deal 
         Dm           C   Dm  Am
Like the stars in the sky 
       Dm         C      Dm  Am
Or the one on the stage 
       Dm          C
Just a big ball of gas 
      Dm      C 
And a regular guy 
             Dm      C  Dm  Am
Fresh out of minimum wage 

F             G#
In a jackalope space
C              F
On a jackalope high 
F               G#
I'm staring you down 
Creepy jackalope eye 

Many things in this life 
Are not what they appear 
Yeah I look like a hare 
But if you stop and you stare 
I'm related to a deer 

Chorus 2:
I got a jackalope face 
I'm a jackalope guy 
And I'm staring you down 
Creepy jackalope eye 

Is it so hard to imagine 
Is it so hard to believe 
Something so outrageous 
Something so far fetched 
Well how 'bout Adam and Eve? 

I know you gotta have faith 
I know the need to hope 
But the truth is always in place 
It's right in front of my face 
The mighty jackalope 

In a jackalope space 
On a jackalope high 
I'm staring you down 
Creepy jackalope 
And I'm staring down 
Creepy jackalope 
And I'm staring you down 
Creepy jackalope eye 
Freaky jackalope eye 
Creepy jackalope eye 
Creepy jackalope eye

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