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Steve Earle, Carrie Brown Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Carrie Brown Tab

					    CARRIE BROWN	

Written by Steve Earle
From "The Mountain"

Capo at 4th Fret (B)

[Intro A Cappela]	
	Carrie, darling Carrie, Carrie Brown I cry

	If I can't marry Carrie Brown, I believe I'd rather die

	Believe I'd rather die boys, believe I'd rather die

1.	(G)The first time I saw Carrie Brown, she was so young and (C)fair

	A voice like spring rain (G)fallin' down, sun(Em)light in her (D)hair

	I'd (G)never seen her face before, so I (G7)asked all a(C)round

	They said her daddy owns a (G)grocery store, she lives (D)in Bristol (G)town

	(G)Carrie, darling Carrie, Carrie Brown I (C)cry

	If I can't marry (G)Carrie Brown I be(Em)lieve I rather (D)die  
	Be(G)lieve I'd rather (C)die boys, be(D)lieve I'd rather (G)die

2.	(G)I laid my last ten dollars down, though I didn't need a (C)thing

	Just to touch sweet (G)Carrie Brown when she (Em)handed me my (D)change

	I (G)hung around 'til closin' time, I scarce (G7)believed my (C)eyes

	My darlin' walkin' arm (G)in arm with a (D)boy named Billy (G)Wise


3.	(G)I walked around in Bristol town a bitter broken (C)man

	A heart that pined for (G)Carrie Brown and (Em)a pistol in my (D)hand

	We (G)met again on State Street, poor Bil(G7)ly Wise and (C)me

	I shot him in (G)Virginia and he (D)died in Tennes(G)see


4.	(G)Now I'm down in the Bristol Jail and all I do is (C)cry

	'Cause the jury found (G)me guilty and the (Em)Judge says I must (D)die

	I'm (G)just a poor young mountain boy, ain't ne(G7)ver been to (C)town

	And I've come to (G)ruination for (D)the love of Carrie (G)Brown



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