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Steve Earle, Another Town Tabs

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Artist/Band: Earle Steve Tabs
Song: Another Town Tab

Another Town  by Steve Earle
Album: Transcendental Blues
Transcribed by: Ryan Giesecke

Verse 1:

One of these days when my mind's made up

And I'm sick and tired of hangin' around

        A   E            A       E             
I'll be on my way in a cloud of dust

        A        B      E                     
On the road to another town

Verse 2:

Once upon a time I loved this house

Now I'm thinkin' 'bout burnin' it down

         A        E             A          E  
And I'll be long gone when the fire burns out

        A       B      E                      
On the way to another town


         A               E                   
To see another city in another light

         A                     E       B    
With my past behind me and my future bright

Verse 3:

On of these days when I've had enough

Buddy, you ain't gonna see me around

         A         E      A      E         
Just as soon as I get my courage up

       A           B      E                 
Gonna take it to another town

Verse 4:

I used to walk these streets with my head held high

Now I'm always lookin' down at the ground

       A      E           A        E           
But I see my feet on the outbound side

      A        B      E                        
Of a road to another town

Verse 5:

And I'm gonna tell everybody I know

Well I'm gonna spread it around

                 A        E          A            E   
That there's a great big world out there where I go

        A        B      E                    
On the road to another town



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