Artist: Day Doris | Song: Secret Love

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Day Doris, Secret Love Tabs

Day Doris Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Doris Day Tabs > Secret Love

Artist/Band: Doris Day Tabs
Song: Secret Love Tab

D6  Em7  D6   Em7  Edim  D    D6   Em7  A
Once I  had a se - cret love

       D6  Edim   D6      Cdim    Em7    A7    Em7   A
That lived with - in the heart of me;

Em7     A9   A7 Em7    A7    Em7   G/B   A7       
All too soon my secret love

Em7   A7     Em7  A6  Em7 Edim  D    D6   Em7   A7
Be - came im-pa-tient to   be  free.

D6 Em7  D6     Em7    Edim  D   D6   Em7  A
So  I  told a friend - ly  star,

     D6  Edim  D6    Cdim   Em7   A7    Em7
The way that dreamers often do,

Em7      A9    A7    Em7      A7    Em7    A
Just how won - der - ful you are

Em7  A7 Em7 A6    Em7  Edim  D    DM7    D7  D7/F#
And why I'm so in love with you.


Bm  Bm7  E7     Bm7-5    A   AM7     A7/6   A
Now  I shout it from the high  - est hill;

D7sus4  D7             GM7  (G6)  Gm7    Gm6
Even   told the golden daf - fo - dills;

   D/F#      D              F#m7-5   B7-9
At last, my heart's an open door

B7      Em7             A7sus4   A9  Edim  D6  GM7  Em7  Edim  D
And my secret love's no - y - more

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