Artist: Day Doris | Song: My Romance

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Day Doris, My Romance Tabs

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Country Tabs > Doris Day Tabs > My Romance

Artist/Band: Doris Day Tabs
Song: My Romance Tab

D9 A7     D   DM7
My ro - mance     

        D6      Bm7     G   Em7 A7      D   A7
Doesn't have to have a moon     in the sky,

G  G9   D     DM7          
My ro - mance     

        D6     Bm7     G   Em7 A7      Bm   Bm/E
Doesn't need a blue lagoon    standing by;

A7   D   G  A7  Edim     D       G     A7   
No month of may,     no twink - ling stars,

Edim  Bm   Bm7      G       A7
No   hide away, no soft guitars.

D9 A7     D   DM7
My ro - mance

        D6      Bm7   G    Em7  A7   D   A7
Doesn't need a castle ri - sing in Spain,

G   G9  D  DM7
Nor a dance 

      D6          Bm7  G    Em7        A7     D
To a cons - tant - ly sur - pri - sing re - frain.

A7     D   DM7       D6      D9
Wide awake,   I can make my most 

   F#      F#7         Bm   G
Fantastic dreams come true --

Em7 Edim    D   B7          
My   ro - mance    

        G    E7  A   Gdim   D   B7  E7  Edim  D6  Dalt
Doesn't need a thing  but  you

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