Artist: Deryl Dodd | Song: The Bitter End 3

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Deryl Dodd, The Bitter End 3 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Dodd Deryl Tabs
Song: The Bitter End 3 Tab

Album: Deryl Dodd
  Song: The Bitter End
Transcribed by: Kevin Jay

apo: 3rd fret

                           "The Bitter End"

G           D              Em             C                      G
Hey man I'm glad you asked,  cause I know more about that than I want
              D                  G...
to,  and I'll share it with you.
G            D               Em              C                   G
If you don't work things out,  and save your love somehow you'll know
it then,  what it's like at the bitter end.

D               G                        Am
First comes the down pour,  an emotional up roar,  brought on by I
C                                D
love you anymore,  followed by a slammin door
         G                        Am                             C
Then old lonely moves in, and the hurt begins,  that's what it's like
                   D              pause     G
my friend.  If you let it come............. to bitter end.

G            D          Em         C                 G
If time were on my side,  it would let me fly,  back to the night
   D               G...
of our last fight.
G            D             Em           C
Then I could hold my toung, and hold on to the one I should have
G                                D
never let go,  then I wouldn't have to know

CHORUS...Everything but the downpour



G           D              Em             C
Hey man I'm glad you asked,  cause I know more about that than I
want to.

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