Artist: Deryl Dodd | Song: Death, Taxes, And Texas

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Deryl Dodd, Death, Taxes, And Texas Tabs

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Artist/Band: Dodd Deryl Tabs
Song: Death, Taxes, And Texas Tab

Death, Taxes, and Texas
By Deryl Dodd

Capo 3

Well I left my home by the Alamo 
Ten years, three dogs, two wives ago 
Lookiní back at the plans Iíve made 
Look nothiní like the road Iíve paved 
Iím goiní back to where Iím from 
My new plan is not haviní one 
      E        B                  E
Now I know the things that will remain 

A                 E
Death, taxes, and Texas 
F#                            B 
No matter where I roam, there ainít no gettiní away from 
          E                                    A
Iíve been lost but now Iíve found what I canít live without in life is 
E      B         E 
Death, taxes and Texas 

Now I work my fingers to the bone 
What Uncle Sam donít take I take home 
It ainít much but I donít complain 
Canít take it with me anyway 
What I got is all I need 
Blue bonnets and blue skies to breathe 
And three things that I know will never change 

Repeat chorus 

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