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Deryl Dodd, 13MWZ Tabs

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Artist/Band: Dodd Deryl Tabs
Song: 13MWZ Tab

By Deryl Dodd

When the lights go up in Houston it's time to rodeo
Down by the chutes every cowboy is sackin' up his go
You can tell the man by the shape of his hat or the boots that he's in
But they got one thing in common, it's the way it's always been
        D                                                               G
Whether ropin' or ridin' or doggin' they'll never be seen without their lucky 13 MWZ's

   C                               G 
It stands for the rough and rugged hard workin' man
   D                         G
Aan American tradition of the western brand
It signifies a way of life designed for a different breed
G  D G
13 MWZ

When the sun goes down in Tulsa and it's time to honky tonk
They’re jammin' up in the doorway country music's what they want
In walks a man and he's turnin' the head of each women he passes by
He’s got a 10X Stetson and a George Strait smile
They’re all linin' up for a two step, he's causin' a scene in his starched 13 MWZ's



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