Artist: Joe Diffie | Song: You Made Me What I Am

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Joe Diffie, You Made Me What I Am Tabs

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Artist/Band: Diffie Joe Tabs
Song: You Made Me What I Am Tab

"Joe Diffie"
"You Made Me What I Am"
"Transcribe" sanoma at
(E)You came home tired each day at(Cm)five fifteen,
(A)I'd be wating in the(B)drive.
(E)With a Rawlins glove a cap and a
(Cm)beat up(B)bat.
(E)I could count on you to hit some(B)flies.
(E)You'd say son just keep your
(B)Eye on the ball.
(A)Know when to duck and when to(B)swing.
(E)I guess I learned the rules you(F)taught me then.
(A)I keep em with me to this(Dm)day.
(A)It made me(B)what I(E)am,
(A) turned that little boy(Gm)into a(E)man.
(Cm)I count myself among the lucky.
(A)Knowing just how much you(E)love me.
(Fm)You'll always be my closest(B)friend.
(Gm)You made me what i(E)am.
All decked out in a tux for the senior prom,
You said son i'm proud and gave me a grin.
Slipped me a twenty and the keys to the family car.
You couldn't sleep a wink till I got in.
AT twenty one I stepped out on my own,
Cant count the times I tripped and fell.
But you always kept your faith in me,
Even when I had none in myself.
(repeat 2) 

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