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Joe Diffie, This Is Your Brain Tabs

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Artist/Band: Diffie Joe Tabs
Song: This Is Your Brain Tab

This Is Your Brain
By:  Joe Diffie
From: Charlie Schweitzer (CccSchw@AOL.Com)

(Intro)  D
(1st Verse)  This is your brain makin' everything make sense, 
Countin' those nickels and dimes.
This is your brain balancin' on the fence, walkin' that logical line.
This is your brain got it all under control, both hands on the wheel.
              D                A                  D
Stay in your lane, keepin' it tame, this is your brain.

(Chorus)  Then she walks right by and that all goes out the window,
And your IQ starts to dwindle, at the mention of her name.
And she winks and smiles and your heart starts over loadin'
            E                         A
And you're crazy over everything she does.  
             G                  A         D
You ain't insane, this is your brain, on love.
(Lead)  D  G  A  D

             D (Quiet)
(2nd Verse) This is your brain buddy you can handle this, 
Gotta just get a grip.
This is your brain man there ain't a woman alive, 
That you cain't resist.
This is your brain baby, just slow on down, 
Don't want ta jump the tracks.
           D                 A                    D
You can refrain, keep it contained, this is your brain.

(Chorus)  (Lead)  D  G  A  D

               A (Quiet) 
(Bridge)  You think that you're too cleaver now, to ever fall again,

And your medulla oblongata says, boy get out while you can.


E                 G                  A        D
     You ain't insane, this is your brain on love.     Sweet love.

(Lead)  D  G  A,  D  G  A,  D  G  A,  D     (Fade)

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