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Joe Diffie, Night To Remember 2 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Diffie Joe Tabs
Song: Night To Remember 2 Tab

Artist: Joe Diffie
Title: Night To Remember
Album: Night To Remember
Songwriters: Barnes/Hale

Transcribed by:  Josh Shuler 
(Edit of previous submission by:  Jeremy Powers 

(Capo 3rd fret)

Intro: G D Em C D

Verse 1:
G			D 
Been one tough week, dead on my feet
C				G	D
O But, I've got plans for tonight 
G			D 
When I'm feeling blue, know just what to do 
C			D 
And how to make it right 
Am		        G		D 
Seems like I've needed this forever
	Am		D	G		D 
Gonna have myself a night to remember

	G					D 
Dim the lights, lock the door, spread your pictures 
		Em			      C 
on the floor, throw the dust off of our past let it
		      D			G
all come floodin' back, cause' it ain't easy being
		    D				Em
strong and when I can't forget your gone I just 
	       C			D	G		Em C D
surrender, and have myself a night to remember. 

Verse 2:
G		    D 
Sad ain't my style but once in a while
C		       G	    D
I just have to give in 
G			      D 
Cause a woman 1ike you, is so hard to 1ose 
C			    D 
You just don't want it to end
Am		G	   D
I know this can't go on forever
    Am			  D	    G		D 
So tonight I '11 have a night to remember 

Repeat Chorus:


	      G					D
Oh it ain't easy being strong and when I can't
			Em				C
forget your gone 1'11 just surrender and have 
    D	       G	
myse1f a night to remember 

D Em C G . . .  

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