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Joe Diffie, Coolest Fool In Town Tabs

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Artist/Band: Diffie Joe Tabs
Song: Coolest Fool In Town Tab

Coolest Fool In Town
By Joe Diffie

Capo 1

C                                   F
Most fools let it show when they're hurtin'
C                          Dm                 G  
You can see those memories fallin' from their eyes
C                             F  
I hurt just like the rest but there's one thing that's certain
C              G            C
She's not ever gonna see me cry

G       C  C/B  Am   G  F
I'm the coolest fool in town
G                                  F    G      C
Actin' like I still don't care whenever she's around
G       C C/B Am               F      F/E      Dm
I'm the only   one who knows how much I need her now
        F       G       C
I'm the coolest fool in town

C                                 F
Last night she came walkin' by my table
C                                     Dm              G
I just turned my head and laughed but Lord I could've cried 
C                                   F
Like all the other times she wasn't able
C                Am            G               C  
To see the way I really feel behind my foolish pride



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