Artist: Diamond Rio | Song: Demons And Angels

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Diamond Rio, Demons And Angels Tabs

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Artist/Band: Diamond Rio Tabs
Song: Demons And Angels Tab

INTRO: G  F  C  G  F  C   G

   G                  C          G
He swore it was over, all in his past
  C                    G                Em
A few hours later, his hands 'round the glass
G                              C            G
Voice on the left says there's peace in the wine
         C                            F      
From the right a voice whispers don't give in this time
        D                    C           G
When he looks for the answer down in his heart
              C              G    F  C  
Demons and angels tear him apart

    G                             C             G
She calls his name softly, as she lies in their bed
C                         G             Em
Listens for footsteps and prays for the best
G                            C             G
She knows that he loves her, knows that he tries
       C                           F
But if he comes home drkin' she'll leave him tonight
    D                        C            G
She waits for the answer and cries in the dark
                    C            G     
While demons and angels tear him apart

    Bb  F           C              G
For so long they've fought for his soul
    C               G        D
The whiskey and the woman at home
         Bb  F       C               G
And they all know he must choose the winner

G  F  C   G  F  C

        G                              C        G
There's not much that's sweeter than a new life begun
C                               F
Ain't much that's sadder than a promise undone
   D                     C             G
He stares at the bottle, longs for her arms
                    C            G
While demons and angels tear him apart
        D                    C           G
When he looks for the answer down in his heart
        G              C                 G
There's demons and angels that tear him apart


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