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Derailers, I'm Still Missin' You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Derailers Tabs
Song: I'm Still Missin' You Tab

I'm Still Missin' You
By The Derailers

Capo 1

The sun's comin up, it's time to face the day, it's way too late to get some sleep
    E                                                           A        E
The clock on the wall keeps tickin' out the time, Lord, my poor heart is beat
A               D              A      E
Who ever said a little time is all it takes
A                       D                      B7
Must've been a fool who didn't have a heart to break

               E                           A                               B
Cause then I'm awake, I'm thinking and I'm sleepin' and I'm dreamin' ‘bout you
        E                       A                      B
There's drinkin' in between but I'm still lonesome and blue
                 A                  B
Over something I did, nothing I can do
     E                       D         A       E
Now another night's gone and I'm still missing you

Standin in the hallway, weepin like a baby, a man without an ounce of pride
Lookin at your picture, the only one you left me, I'm about to lose my mind
Losin you has brought me to my knees
Ever since you left I haven't had a minute of peace


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