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John Denver, Song Of Wyoming Tabs

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Artist/Band: Denver John Tabs
Song: Song Of Wyoming Tab

album: Windsong
song: Song Of Wyoming
written by: Kent Lewis
performed: John Denver
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

Of all the songs that I have posted, I enjoy them all, but this song
always seems to come out to be my  over all favorite.  So enjoy it
along with me and look for that big ol' prarie moon rising.

Song Of Wyoming
Kent Lewis       (klr)

[G] -[Gm]- [D]
Well Im [D] weary and [D7] tired, Ive [G] done my days [Gm] ridin
[D] Nightime is rolling my [Em7] way  [A7]
The [D] skys all on [D7] fire and the [G] lights slowly [Gm] fading
[D] Peaceful and [G] still ends the [D] day
[F#m] Out on the [Bm] trail [F#m] night birds are [D9] callinā
[G] Singinā their [Gm] wild melody [D]
[F#m] Down in the can [Bm ] yon,  [F#m] cottonwood [D9] whispers
A [G] song of [Gm] Wyoming for [D] me  [G] - [Gm] - [D]

Well I [D] wandered a [D7] round the [G] town and the [Gm] city
Tried to [D] figure the how and the [Em7] why  [A7]
Well I [D] stopped all my [D7] scheminā, Iām just [G] driftinā and
[Gm] dreaminā
[D] Watching the [G] river roll [D] by
[F#m] Here comes that [Bm] big ole [F#m] prarie moon [D9] risinā
[G] Shininā down [Gm] bright as can [D] be
[F#m] Up on the [Bm] hill thereās a [F#m] coyote [D9] singinā
A [G] song of [Gm] Wyoming for [D] me  [G] -[Gm] -[D]

Now itās [D] whiskey and to [D7] bacco and [G] bitter black [Gm]
A [D] lonesome old dogie am [Em7] I  [A7]
But wakinā [D] upon the [D7] range, Lord I [G] feel like an [Gm]
[D] Free like I [G] almost could [D] fly
[F#m] Drift like a [Bm] cloud out [F#m] over the [D9] badlands
[G] Sing like a [Gm] bird in the [D] tree
The [F#m] wind in the [Bm] sage [F#m] sounds like heaven [D9]
A [G] song of [Gm] Wyoming for [D] me
A [G] song of [Gm] Wyoming for [D] me  [G] - [Gm] - [D]

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Ken Reynolds

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