Artist: John Denver | Song: Its A Sin To Tell A Lie

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John Denver, Its A Sin To Tell A Lie Tabs

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Artist/Band: Denver John Tabs
Song: Its A Sin To Tell A Lie Tab

song: Itís A Sin To Tell A Lie
writer: Billy Mayhew
as performed by: John Denver
album: Live At The Sydney Opera House
submitted by: Kelly Coull

Be sure itís [G] true when you say, [D+], ďI [G] love you.Ē
Itís a sin to [B7] tell a [C] lie. [E7/B]-[Am]
[D7] Millions of hearts have been [G] broken,
[A7] Just because these [Am] words were [Cm6] spo-[D7]-ken.
I love [G] you, yes I do [D+] I [G] love you.
If you break my [B7] heart Iíll [C] die. [E7/B]-[Am]
So be [C6] sure that itís true [Cm6] when you [G] say ďI love you,Ē
[E7] Itís a [A7] sin to [D7] tell a [G] lie.

[G] Cross my heart and I [D+] hope to die
Iíll [G] never, never, never tell another white lie.
Took my little girl out on a [B7] date tonight,
Next to [C] her Greta [E7/B] Gerty would have [Am] looked alright.
Now [D7] Iím between the devil and the deep blue sea,
ĎCause [G] I said ďBaby, you look good to me.Ē
I [A7] told her I love her and [Am] oh, how I lied,
And [Cm6] now sheís getting set to be my [D7] blushing bride.
If she [G] leads me to the [D+] alter, Iím [G] sunk
ĎCause I cannot tell the [B7] preacher I was drunk [C]-[E7/B]-[Am]
[C6] Lord have mercy on a [Cm6] no-count sinner,
Give me [G] one more chance to let an-[E7]-other guy win her.
[A7] Cross my heart and [D7] hope to die, Iíll [G] never, never ,never tell 
her one more time
Iíll [A7] never tell an-[D7]-other white [G] lie.

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